弊社は、対象となるすべてのお客様へ6月26日までに個別にご報告、お詫びを申し上げ、個人情報保護委員会に報告いたしました。 これまでに個人情報を悪用されるなど被害の報告はございませんが、対象となるお客様には引き続き真摯に対応をしてまいります。




ソラーレ ホテルズ アンド リゾーツ株式会社 


Apologies and notifications for the disclosure of personal information from the foreign-language reservation service system as a result of illegal server access

A report from our outsourced foreign-language service system managed by FASTBOOKING, Co. (Headquarters: France) has made it clear that illegal outside access to their server has resulted in 1,816 instances of personal customer information being leaked.

We made individual reports to all affected customers by June 26, issued an apology, and made a report to the Personal Information Protection Committee. As of now, we have had no reports that this personal information has been misused, however we are continuing to make sincere efforts to respond to affected customers.

According to FASTBOOKING, credit card information from our customers was not disclosed and measures to prevent recurrence are already in place, however we have stopped using this system.

Furthermore, our Japanese-language reservation service system uses a different system which has not been subject to leaks, therefore this continues to accept reservations as normal.

We would like to express our most sincere apologies for the trouble that we have caused our customers.

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