Basic Policy

Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) and its member hotels (the Company and its member hotels shall hereafter be referred to collectively as “Solare Hotels”) will use and safeguard guests’ personal information in accordance with the Standards for Protection of Personal Information formulated by Solare Hotels. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our guests through initiatives to systematically train personnel who will handle personal information, establish an internal controls system, and ensure secure operation of information networks.

Handling of Personal Information

Collecting personal information

Solare Hotels requires personal information, such as name, email address, mailing address and telephone number, from all guests for the following purposes.

  • Making or cancelling hotel bookings or reservations at restaurants and other facilities within the Solare Hotels, or confirming the reservation details
  • Processing applications for hotel membership, sports clubs, spas and other facilities within the Solare Hotels
  • Arranging wedding programs, banquet programs, or other types of services
  • Processing applications for prizes and benefits, as well as responses to surveys and questionnaires
  • Sending various informational material regarding the Solare Hotels
  • Registering, updating or confirming information on guests
  • Any other business procedures related to the activities listed above

Using personal information 

Solare Hotels will not utilize guests’ personal information for any purposes other than those described below.

  • Operations related to making hotel bookings or reservations at restaurants and other facilities within the Solare Hotels
  • Operations related to arranging wedding programs, banquet programs, or other types of services
  • Operations related to hotel membership as well as membership of sports clubs, spas, etc. at the Solare Hotels
  • Sending informational material to guests
  • Verifying and responding to inquiries from guests
  • Forwarding information to guests who have requested e-mail or direct mailing services
  • Contacting guests in an emergency situation
  • Conferring prizes and benefits
  • Statistical analyses to determine how Solare Hotels are being used and to conduct future planning and improvement of services

Sharing guest personal information 

Solare Hotels will share guest personal information as described below.

  1. Items of personal information that will be shared:

    Name, gender, date of birth, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, place of work, work address, work telephone and fax numbers, and credit card information

  2. Parties among whom personal information will be shared:

    The Company, its affiliated companies, and operating companies of member hotels (partner companies who have signed franchise agreements, management contracts and business collaboration contracts regarding operation of the Chisun Inn, Chisun Hotels, Loisir Hotels and other Solare Hotels brands). Affiliated companies and partner companies are listed in the Corporate Profile.

  3. Purpose of usage of personal information:

    As outlined in the “Using personal information” section.

  4. Party responsible for management of personal information: The Company.

Provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will not disclose any personal information to a third party without the expressed consent of the guest, except in the cases described below. In order to determine the status of utilization of services and informational material sent to guests, guest personal information may be used in a manner that does not allow the person to be identified.

  • When subcontracting work to companies that have pledged to protect guest personal information, the minimum amount of information required to provide specific guest services shall be disclosed
  • When making hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, accepting requests for informational material, handling enquiries about and making arrangements for wedding programs and banquet programs, responding to questionnaires, and providing other services to guests, personal information shall be disclosed only after obtaining guest consent via the Agreement of Use, etc.
  • When required by law to disclose information

Proper management of personal information

For the appropriate management of personal information, the company shall appoint a personal information manager and a personal information administrator. 

In order to properly manage the handling of personal information, the personal information manager and the personal information administrator will specify the scope of duties and responsibilities of employees at each work process.

The Company will maintain accurate and updated personal information in order to offer guests better services.

The Company will promptly delete or destroy personal information when such information becomes unnecessary for services such as sending informational material to guests.

The Company will properly manage personal information in order to protect leakage, loss and damage.

Subcontracting external companies to handle personal information

When disclosing personal information to companies that have been commissioned to conduct work required to provide guest services, including hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, requests for informational material, enquiries about and arrangements of wedding programs and banquet programs, responses to questionnaires etc., companies shall be selected that have been approved with regard to appropriate management of personal information. Further, the Company shall incorporate clauses in the subcontracting agreement or other agreements pertaining to the leakage of guest personal information, specifying items such as the appropriate management of personal information, confidentiality of information disclosed, and prohibition of disclosure to other parties, and ensure that proper management is carried out.

Disclosure, amendments and deletion of personal information

When the Company receives the following requests from guests regarding their personal information under our management, we will respect their wishes and promptly deal with it in a rational manner.

  • Confirmation of the contents
  • Amendments, updates or deletion
  • Withdrawal of partial or total consent regarding the usage of personal information (including consent to send e-mails and direct mails)

Security measures for personal information

  1. SSL

    Personal information on the web page to request catalogs and delivery services is protected using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL-compliant browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explore and Firefox , automatically encrypt personal information (name, address, telephone number, etc.) input by guests on the web page. This prevents information theft or modification of contents.

    (Given the open nature of the Internet, Solare Hotels cannot guarantee the absolute safety of personal information during transmission. Guests must take precautionary measures, including changing their passwords regularly and informing Solare Hotels immediately should there be any concern regarding inappropriate usage.)

  2. Ensuring system safety

    The online registration system for hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, requests for informational material, enquiries about and arrangements of wedding programs and banquet programs, responses to questionnaires, and utilization of other services has multiple check functions and firewalls to prevent illegal access by non-registered users. Access to personal information is also restricted.

  3. Using “cookies”

    To enhance the ease of use of the Company website and to enable usage of the ‘view history’ function to create statistical data, “cookies” have been used on certain web pages. Cookies can help identify visitors to the website, but will not be used in a manner that intrudes on their privacy. Cookies may be disabled by changing the settings on your computer’s browser, but doing so may partially or totally limit the usage of services on the website.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

Solare Hotels will revise the Basic Policy and Privacy Policy on handling of personal information in accordance with changes in relevant laws, social circumstances, and as and when otherwise deemed necessary. We will notify our guests of any such changes in the Privacy Policy so as to keep them updated of revisions at all times.


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